Cabinets By Design

Cabinets By Design

One of the most important steps in choosing cabinets for your remodel or new construction project is making sure the cabinets are designed to fit the physical space while achieving the aesthetic you desire for the room. This is why we design every cabinet in our software and produce at scale pictures based on the dimensions of the room. That way you see exactly what the space is going to look like. 

Kitchen Cabinets

These are our cabinets by design. Left is the rendering of the kitchen cabinets, on the right is the final product. This customer purchased our Painted Cabinets Tier


Here is a set of bathroom vanities rendered and completed


And a kitchen island.


Our production schedule is different because we make the entire cabinet in our shop in Greenwood, SC. Our smaller shop has fewer variables than a large manufacturing facility. Less people, less machines, and less things to go wrong that could cause your order to be delayed. This allows us to be more accurate with delivery dates than any large manufacturer.


Cabinets of popular styles and dimensions can be found at big box retailers for cheap. However the manufacturing techniques and materials required for such low prices usually leave the customer with a product that will not last in the long run. Just spending a little bit more than a big box store will greatly increase the quality of the cabinet. As the saying goes: Buy nice, or buy twice.

If the cabinet you buy is substandard, you will either have to keep fixing it when it breaks or completely replace the cabinet. Both are annoying and expensive. Our high grade materials and construction methods solve this problem. Infact, your cabinets will be the same as the cabinets we put in our parents’ house. To us, selling a product you’d be proud to make for your parents seems like common sense.


The price of stock cabinets sound great until the reality of the room hits you. Most rooms need a custom cabinet here or there to properly fill the space. Adding a single custom cabinet doesn’t sound like a big deal, but this could delay the install by several weeks or months.

You might be surprise with how cost effective our Assembled Cabinet with laminate material really is.

Some large cabinet manufacturers will label the whole order custom because of the single custom cabinet. This increases the price significantly because they charge every cabinet as if it were custom. Making a single custom cabinet is no big deal for us. There’s no machinery changeover or separate department with a different production schedule. The price of that single cabinet will be slightly more depending on how different it needs to be, but most of the time the price of that cabinet will increase 15% or less.

Customer Service

Hate being put on hold? Our phone number is my cell phone. Text or call anytime. You won’t be talking to just an hourly employee, we want to earn your business.