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Cabinets in Greenwood, South Carolina

We are easily accessible to Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, and Augusta Georgia

Cabinets Made Easy

We make a wide variety of cabinets. From bathroom vanities to rta cabinets. Our tiered pricing structure allows house flippers, remodelers, and home builders to select the level of service that fits your system and personnel.

Looking to put the cabinets together yourself? Use our Ready To Assemble tier to save money.

Need cabinets ready for install? Our Painted Cabinets tier is right for you.

  • Ready To Assemble Cabinets

    Your cabinets cut out and edge banded.

    This level of service allows the most budget conscious to complete their project and still have the professional look of precise tolerances.

    RTA Cabinets 
  • Assembled Cabinets

    Enjoy your fully assembled cabinet.

    Use a laminate material (as seen above) with this option to save the entire cost of the next service level.

    Assembled Cabinets 
  • Painted Cabinets

    These cabinets are ready to install.

    Your color choice already applied. This is for the home builder, owner, renovator, or flipper that wants a painted product ready for install.

    Painted Cabinets 
  • Emergency Cabinet Parts

    Parts done right. Parts done fast.

    Single cabinet parts produced, painted, and ready for install in the same week. When you have to fix a cabinet to close a deal, don't wait on the manufacturer for 6 weeks or more.

    Emergency Cabinet Parts 
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